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The Lima affiliate gives a tithe every year to Habitat for Humanity International.  The money is used to build homes around the world.

Habitat for Humanity International Ezra Millstein

In accordance with the Biblical model of tithing, all Habitat affiliates give 10% of undesignated gifts to one of nearly 70 countries in which Habitat for Humanity is active.

For every dollar tithed from the Lima Area Habitat for Humanity:

  • 50% goes to Guatemala
  • 50% goes to Africa/Middle East

From 1992-2019, the Lima Area Habitat has given approximately $275,000 in tithe money, which has impacted over 100 international families.  More specifically, our affiliate has been a partner with Habitat Guatemala since 2005.  During this 14 year partnership, the Lima affiliate has tithed over $100,000. This tithe has impacted over 79 families in Guatemala through the construction of 13 homes, and 66 smokeless stoves, water filters, and hygienic latrines.